How to treat glaucoma is a healing method that is proven to be able to reduce the impact of damage that occurs in the eye tissue for the better. Glaucoma is a disease associated with optical eye disorders that can cause permanent blindness. This condition is caused by the presence of severe fluid pressure because of the deposition of eye fluids that interfere with the nerves where the nerve has lost its function to spread blood containing oxygen to the eye organ tissue.

Handling Solution

Tips on how to treat glaucoma that is proven to restore the health of the retina of the eye so that the deterioration in capturing light can be improved for the better. At present, the medical marijuana has been developed which is believed to be able to treat glaucoma.

Complex carbohydrates

How to treat glaucoma can be by consuming foods that contain complex carbohydrates, because these substances can reduce or stabilize insulin levels in the body causing increased blood pressure which can adversely affect the health of the retina. The food in question is whole wheat, oats, brown rice, and others.

Take special supplements

Omega 3 supplements that contain natural DHA can be used as a way to treat glaucoma that is most easily obtained daily through food. Omega 3 supplements can improve the health and function of the retina and can block the activity of macular degeneration which can lead to a decrease in the quality of vision. Omega 3 is mostly found in fish, fish oil and so on.

Steer clear of saturated fats

Food cooked using used cooking oil or oil that has been used repeatedly to fry other food ingredients is proven to have the highest content of saturated fat and free radicals which if consumed continuously can irritate blood vessels including those that lead to the eye organs. Blockages that occur due to the accumulation of saturated fat in the arteries can inhibit the rate of blood flow to the eye so that the eyes will experience dryness, erosion (shrinking) and trigger damage to the optical organs of vision.

Reducing salt supply

Salt can clog a blood flow and increase blood pressure. The continual increase in blood pressure can clog the smooth spread of blood evenly through the flow of eye fluid and the retina so that the eyes can potentially experience sudden visual disturbances. How to treat glaucoma is to reduce salt intake or at least avoid salt in excessive amounts.


Fruits that are good for eye tissue health are from the berry family such as blueberries, blackberries, cranberries and others that can prevent the appearance of macular degeneration so that capillaries regulate and spread nutrients to the eye tissue and nerve nerves of the eye in better conditions. Fruits are the most popular way to treat glaucoma, because besides being associated with delicious flavors, fruits can also be the safest substitute for rice for the night.

Exercise routine

Exercise burns energy and removes saturated trans fats in the body. Fat burning in the body nourishes nerve nerves and relaxes eye muscles from weakness due to daily activities. How to treat glaucoma is to regularly make movements when doing sports. Exercise can improve blood flow to the eyes and the whole network is more abundant. Exercise habits from a young age that is done regularly can prevent the elderly from suffering from glaucoma.

Avoid caffeine

Excessive caffeine in the tubing can block blood flow and arteries around the eye tissue so that it can block the entry of oxygen-filled blood towards the capillaries that carry the nutrition of the eye tissue. As a result, the eyes will experience damage that causes blindness.

Follow doctor’s recommendations

The eye doctor’s recommendations will provide the safest type of treatment. Treatment can be through an optical laser or using special eye drops that aim to reduce intraocular pressure in the eye so that tissue damage that has occurred is not getting wider. Because the widening of the damage can cause decreased vision quickly which can end in total blindness. How to treat glaucoma beforehand will be adjusted first with the type of glaucoma experienced by the patient.

Some doctors will even advocate for marijuana treatment that can be obtained from licensed producers Canada.