An Escape Game or, rather, a “Live” Escape Game, also called in French in the text a “real escape game,” is entertainment that may seem a little crazy at first, but generally reveals itself very addictive or even addictive for some.

The principle is simple; we lock you and your team, composed of 3 to 5 people, in a room, a closed room that will be called an “escape room.” The game then consists of getting out of it within the allotted time, 60 minutes.

  • To succeed you will have to solve search, find objects, clues, solve puzzles scattered in the room using the research, thinking and logic of each member of your team.
  • The puzzles can be simple manipulations of objects (find a key in a drawer that opens a chest or a door), mathematics (make an equation whose solution allows engaging a digital code), observation (follow a giant labyrinth on a wall) or logic (use a magnet to retrieve a key that is not at hand) etc. Here, they are classic riddles to spoiler nothing, but the escape room has many secrets.

To give you an idea of what awaits you, imagine Calgary, with the keys, the doors but without the insects, without passes everywhere and without physical prowess to accomplish. The Escape Game is a game open to all, for both young and old and regardless of your physical condition and cerebral. With family, friends, colleagues, everyone loves. For the team building Calgary the best opportunities are there now.

Once you have decided to take the plunge and booked your game, you will go to the chosen Escape Game. When you arrive at the venue, you will meet your “Game Master” or master of the game. He will explain to you the instructions you need to follow to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, which will show you the reason and purpose of your mission. And who will watch over you via camera and microphone throughout the game?

Come on it’s true, it can happen that you find yourself disguised, blindfolded or handcuffed hands, (it’s quite rare all the same) but your game master will be understanding and will adjust the game if it’s beyond your abilities. No fear to have.

A door slams a few footsteps, and the game begins: the clock is launched. But what to do and how to organize? Here is our tip:

Rummage, look everywhere and push back

Move items, lift, flip cushions and carpets, push furniture, open doors, flip through books, examine covers, inspect walls, do not be afraid, and search everywhere!

And above all, never trust in search of your partners and go back after them, no one will get angry. Sometimes it is at the third exploration of a cabinet that we find an object.

On the other hand, do not bother to force, even if you are excited like fleas. Remember that in a room, if something is blocking it is done to block, and there is another way to tap or force it to unlock (like a key or padlock that is hung on the door to open).

Escape60 location is at 1638 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0J5 (Get directions) or call to book your Team building activities by (587) 430-0880.