How To Keep on Top of Your Finances as a Freelancer

So many people struggle to know the best ways to manage their money, which is completely normal, but it is far easier than people think. Being a freelancer comes with a wide range of benefits, and gives you great control over your career, but it has to be said that it doesn’t necessarily give you financial security. So, make sure that you don’t bury your head in the sand, as many passionate people don’t like to think about finance with the freedom that freelancing offers you. Yet, everyone still has to pay their rent. You need to manage your finances without excuses, which will be easy if you follow the following steps.

Keep Yourself Covered

If clients become unhappy and it isn’t easily resolved, often freelancers are faced with the issue of unfair claims. This can happen quite regularly, and when it does, it could leave you seriously out of pocket. So, to save yourself time and money, you should definitely invest in insurance. You will have a better peace of mind to allow you to focus on work. Investing in freelancer insurance or professional liability insurance can be the best thing, protecting you as you are self employed.


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How To Cut Costs As A Start-Up Business

If you’re in the process of starting your own business, I’m sure it’s a very exciting time. Yet, there are a lot of financial risks involved, and if you’re not careful you could easily fall into debt. Here are a few tips to get you started about the best ways to handle your money to make sure your business has the best chance of thriving.

Creating Your Office

When setting up a business, it can be tempted to look for the best quality offices in top locations, but if you’re just starting up this isn’t the best of ideas. To begin with you may be dealing with a large budget, but you can’t expect to be making profits straight away so start in some lower bracket offices and work your way up. This is a very simple way of reducing your outgoings, and to get the best advice it is suggested you contact commercial property agents Manchester who can advise you of the best options in your budget that are sustainable. This will also make sure all the best steps are taken and your business has a higher safety rate. Business rates can be a difficult subject to get your …

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UK House Prices Drop Again in April As Brexit Continues to Hit Buyers

The prices of UK houses fell for a consecutive month in a row in April as the Brexit continues to take its toll on family incomes. The continued uncertainty in the country is now putting strain on the property market with the average price of homes falling by 0.4% over the month to £207,699 – During March, the drop stood at 0.3%. This is the first time that prices have fallen two months on the run in almost five years, driving the annual rate of house price growth to 2.6% – the weakest it has been since June of 2013.

Nationwide’s chief economist, Robert Gardner described the decline as a reflection of the wider backdrop for buyer’s finances. All of which are coming under increasing strain from a mixture of weak wage growth and rising inflation. “While monthly figures can be volatile, the recent softening in price growth may be a further indication that households are starting to react to the emerging squeeze on real incomes or to affordability pressures in key parts of the country.”

Mr Gardener went on to say that the property market would continue to be unpredictable due to the up and coming general election and …

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How To Successfully Trade Stocks Online

Trading can be a a difficult sport of sorts, if you look at it in that perspective. Furthermore, navigating the stock market can be excruciating for beginner’s and be a financial disaster. The internet opens up an entirely different spin on trading, but often times, the exact trading measures are used for online trading. You have far more trading options than your traditional Wall Street options. For example, some people are choosing to trade on bitcoins on the market, but doing so from a website takes skilled training as a beginning traders. Experts can also benefit from online trading advice.

Wall Street dominated the trading industry for 20 years and your stocks depend on that of a stock broker, but today, the trading industry has went through changes. Technology has caused everything to play catch up and the stock market isn’t any different. The most important part of online trading is to know who you’re using as a platform. Ask yourself, are they certified? What are there credentials? If you can get pass the initial phase of trying to find a reputable trading platform, you may find online trading as a great financial opportunity. Online trading is fairly new, but …

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