Group banks serve businesses and consumers all through the country. (c) If, upon the expiration of any Interest Interval applicable to LIBOR Revolving Loans, Debtors have failed to pick out well timed a new Interest Period to be applicable to LIBOR Revolving Loans or if any Default or Event of Default then exists, Borrowers shall be deemed to have elected to transform such LIBOR Revolving Loans into Base Fee Revolving Loans effective as of the expiration date of such Interest Period.

E. It’s the intent of the events hereto that this Agreement (i) shall re-evidence the Debtors’ indebtedness to the Lenders under the Current Loan Agreement, (ii) is entered into in substitution for, and never in payment of, the obligations of the Debtors beneath the Existing Mortgage Settlement, and (iii) is in no way meant to constitute a novation of the Debtors’ indebtedness which was evidenced by the Existing Mortgage Settlement.

Brandi was the clerk who took my payment every time in Marion, SC. When I confronted her on my next payment I was informed that I needed to tell her tips on how to do her job as a result of giving her a payment stub must not have been sufficient info for her to do her job accurately. Each Lender shall make the amount of such Lender’s Pro Rata Share of the requested Borrowing accessible to Agent in instantly obtainable funds, to such account of Agent as Agent might designate, not later than 2:00 p.m. (New York, New York time) on the Funding Date applicable thereto.

Money Management Services shall imply any services supplied to Borrowers in reference to operating, collections, payroll, belief, or other depository or disbursement accounts, together with automated clearinghouse, e-payable, digital funds transfer, wire switch, controlled disbursement, overdraft, depository, info reporting, lockbox and cease cost services.

(iii) From and after the date, if any, on which any Lender purchases an undivided interest and participation in any Non-Ratable Mortgage or Agent Advance pursuant to clause (ii) preceding, Agent shall promptly distribute to such Lender, such Lender’s Professional Rata Share of all payments of principal and curiosity and all proceeds of Collateral received by the Agent in respect of such Non-Ratable Mortgage or Agent Advance.